Choices For Anti-Aging Skin Products

By | June 5, 2023

According to a new report from Mintel, the market research company, Americans are spending more money than ever on anti aging skin products. During 2008, over $1.6 billion of these products were sold. Based on these numbers, fighting the signs of aging is apparently still the goal for many people, and cosmetic and beauty companies are putting in a great amount of effort to market these products. With statistics showing an increase in plastic surgery, these products can be non-surgical alternatives to keeping your skin looking young and firm. Anti aging skin products range from skin creams and anti wrinkle creams to an anti aging system that uses antioxidants.

An anti aging skins cream is primarily a moisturizing skin care product. The pledge is to provide younger looking skin by reducing wrinkles, facial lines and skin discolorations. These creams usually include some level of SPF protection. Traditionally, these products have been marketed towards women, but there is a growing list that specifically targets men as well.

Anti wrinkle products have become a mainstay for aging women. Wrinkles are caused not only by age but by drying due to the lack of moisture and diminishing collagen. To attack this problem, these products work by adding the much needed moisture into the layers of the skin. Some anti wrinkle products also work in a similar way to chemical peels by leaving fresh skin on the surface after removing the older layers. There are a variety of products available and finding the right one is simply a matter of testing a few.

Finally, a revolutionary new system has been created by the skin care company, Dermology. This three-step anti aging system was designed to focus on problem areas where aging is most likely to be noticed. The system begins with an anti aging skin cream which acts as a moisturizer and injects the skin with antioxidants to rehydrate. The next step is the anti aging serum which penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, again to hydrate and prevent wrinkles. The final step is to apply the antioxidant cream to problem areas like the eye where dark circles and crow’s feet are likely to show up. An active ingredient of each step is Resveratrol, which is one of the most popular anti aging ingredients on the market today.

All of these products have been proven to aid in the battle against aging. Each one has their specific function and result. With some research into skin care products, you can find out which one best suits your skin type and characteristics and begin to look and feel younger today.